Charm Knights
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The clan war has swept the Middle Ages. The fate of the world is in the hands of brave Knights. Who will win?

Dive in the intricacies of plot and feel the breath of Middle Ages time.

Fight the enemy in epic and thrilling battles. Collect weapons to gain tactical advantages in hard combat. Gather your own team and make your way to glory!

Charm Knights is a blockchain-powered Plat to Earn game with a player-driven economy, developed on Binance Smart Chaine platform. Players may participate in combat using their assets to earn tokens.

Play to Earn Revolution
Charm Knights is a fast-paced RPG in the DeFi world, partially owned and operated by its players. Earn CHARM tokens by playing and use them to shape the future of the game.
Look forward to battling endless waves of enemies, against PVP opponents, bosses, and rival alliance clans in this thrilling story-based RPG.
Battle and Earn

Fight alone or build an unstoppable team of Charm Knights to conquer your enemies for CHARM token. Play and earn tokens by defeating enemies staking your gains for the right to be called a winner of the crypto world

Battle and Earn
Craft NFT

Equip your team with unique upgradeable weapons! Gain and collect unique NFT knights and weapons to create a powerful army to defeat your enemies or trade them on our proprietary marketplace

Craft NFT

Unlock unlimited abilities! Customize your own knight according to your needs and preference using a set of blade components, and character appearance to become the most powerful blade wielder in the world of crypto charms

Unique Knights
and Items

Create, customize and get unique characters! In the game you can create up to a million different combinations of appearance of the knight and item

Unique Knights and items
Heroes Collections
Collectibles of rarest and expensive Heroes cards
Heroes Collections
Meet the Charm Knights Powerful Features
Struggle fiercely for the rite to be called as a winner
Use agility against clumsy, ponderous size of enemies’ army
Use tactical strategies on the way to glory
Luck and success are eternal associates on the way to victory
Total token supply is 1 000 000 CHARM tokens
A great experience ahead Charm Knights Battle. Collect. Earn.
  • Whitepaper Release
  • Token Smart Contract Release
  • Token Audit
  • Site Release
  • IDO Announcements
  • Token IDO
  • Game App Beta Testing
  • Game App Release
  • Player vs Player Battle Feature Release
  • CHARM Listing
  • Coingecko Listing
  • Charm Chests
  • Unique Collections (Characters, weapons, and etc.)
  • Coinmarketcap Listing
  • Integration with PACT NFT Platform
  • Upgrading PACT NFT Hero by CHARM NFT Knight Feature
  • Knights Quests Release
  • Game 2.0 Beta Testing
  • Game 2.0 Release
  • Charm Knights Mobile App Release
The future of the game is in your hands.
Are you ready to start your journey?
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